Jinko Cat Chillax Candle

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Jinko Cat Chillax Candle 

This essential oil based candle can be used to support your cat through separation anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, illness, trips to the vet’s office, grief/loss of another family pet, thunderstorms, and any other situation that causes great stress for your furry friend, such as the weekly bin collection or fireworks!

Jinko Cat Chill is a delicately scented candle that releases oils known for their calming effect on cats. The aroma will rise from the candle filling the room and allowing your cat to breathe it in without being too strong for their delicate sense of smell. Also remember that no feline friend wants a burnt tail so keep out of reach.

Why not buy your four-legged friend a beautiful candle which banishes their anxiety whilst making your home smell delicious.

Lavender oil, well known for its calming affects on animals, has been combined with the delicious scent of chamomile to give your purring love bug sweet dreams and the anxiety removal powers of Oud oil.

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Jinko Cat Chillax Candle

Luxurious Oud blended with Lavender and a touch of Chamomile

Soy Wax

Doublewick Candle – Weight: 9.0 oz – Burn Time : 55 to 60 hours


Help your furry friend to relax and banish their anxieties by burning our Cat Chill Candle. Designed with their delicate sense of smell in mind, this long burning aromatherapy candle uses the soothing natural aromas of lavender and the anxiety ridding power of Oud oil.

Cats get easily upset and tend to sulk for long-period if you do not ensure a stress free environment for them. So if you are introducing a new pet, having friends over, forgot to feed them on time and need to apologise, this candle makes the perfect “Cat please forgive me present.” Nobody wants a angry cat!

Our candles are soy and bees wax based with no hidden extras providing your home with a natural clean calming sent.



3 reviews for Jinko Cat Chillax Candle

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I received this candle for Christmas which I love! I have a 10 yr old lazy British Shorthair cat, after being diagnosed with cancer last year I have tried to spoil him as much as possible and this candle is working well. I still have half the candle left after quite a bit of burning since Christmas, it burns evenly and slowly.
    It’s not just the cat enjoying it – the scent is amazing!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I brought this candle for my cat when our other cat sadly passed away. It really had helped her mood. Will defiantly be ordering more in the future. 5 star.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    My cat is usually very chilled, however since the birth of my daughter she’s been a little skittish. I got given this candle as a Christmas present and so far so good! Both my girls are calm and chilled x

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