Due Date Candle


Baby Due Date Candle

Long burning oud based aromatherapy candle created to help mum feel relaxed in her chosen birthing environment

It is important that during any birth you feel calm, cared for and safe so that the hormone, Oxytocin, the Love Hormone, can be released easily.   Lots of women are choosing a more natural birth including having the baby in the comfort of their own home so this candle has been created to help support that time and help you stay relaxed and clear of mind.

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Due Date Candle

7.5oz single wick candle

Ingredients: Oud, Jasmine, Clary Sage

All of our candles are made using soy wax with no hidden extras to give you a natural clean uplifting sent.

The candle comes in a black rounded blown glass with a wooden lid. A beautiful gift for a loved one or to yourself.

Our Luxurious candles also come to you packaged in this beautiful eco-friendly wooden keep sake box filled with recycled  wood-wool.

Add a silver or gold lid for £4.99 for a touch of glamour in your home. Once the candle is finished you can use the pot and lid to store treasure!

And don’t forget nothing goes to waste our glasses are hand blown and can be used time and time again after your candle has run out!

Artisan candle, made with love.


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