Immortality Agarwood & Diamond Bracelet


The diamond cross is not so much a symbol of religion as a symbol of strength and immortality. Bring out your rock’n’rock attitude and remember that there is no death, just an infinite journey full of new beginnings.

Agarwood is known to calm the nervous system, expel negative energies, bring alertness, relieve anxiety, invoke a sense of strength and peace and the aroma has been said to stimulate Qi, which is the ‘vital force’ or ‘life energy’ and is the fundamental principle in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts. Our intention is that each of our products will not only look and smell beautiful, they will also enhance your well-being and create positive energy.

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Immortality Agarwood & Diamond Bracelet

Diamond 12mm tube with diamond cross charm

Dipped Agarwood beads 6mm

Slips on – please select female (15cm to 18cm) or male (18-22cm) and the item will be made to fit.

Holds the deep scent of Oud and comes with a mini bottle of pure valuable Oud oil for rubbing into beads every couple of months.




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