Gothic: The Empowering Candle 10.5oz


Gothic: Mysterious Oud & Precious Frankincense Candle

Samurai warriors used to scent their armour with Oud before they faced battle. Everyday you face challenges so this richly infused Oud candles can help to strengthen your mind, clear anxiety and ensure you remain focused. The world can be dark but there is nothing to fear as you follow your path.

With its deep scent of Oud combined with the rich aroma of Frankincense, this candle has a masculine aroma and makes the perfect gift for him. Sensual, sexy and intoxicating, burn it over dinner, enjoy the after effects…


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Gothic: Mysterious Oud & Precious Frankincense

Luxurious Oud blended with a heavy dose of  precious pure Frankincense, Cedar Wood, Neroli and softened with just a touch of Wild Rose.

Soy Wax

Large Candle – Weight: 10.5 oz – Burn Time : 55 to 60 hours +

Hand-poured and made in England

Lid comes with candle as shown. Please chose colour: silver, gold, rose gold



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