Dreamwood: The Protecting Candle 10.5oz


Created to be used as an aide to deep sleep and relaxation, the deep oud drifts between lashings of precious amber creating depth and intensity to the fragrance in the room. The after-note is of midnight lily leaving a thread of ethereal beauty. This candle will take you deep into relaxation, opening your mind and bringing visions of the exotic. Deeply intoxicating, Dreamwood releases the subconscious mind appealing to the senses and setting the soul free.

Protect your soul and never stop dreaming.


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Dreamwood: Dark Oud, Amber & Midnight Iris

Dark mysterious oud with heavy tones of precious amber drapped over a delicate centre of midnight iris

Soy Wax

Large Candle – Weight: 10.5 oz – Burn Time : 55 to 60 hours +

Hand-poured and made in England

Lid shown sold separately – silver, gold, rose gold

The Silver Candle Lid

The Gold Candle Lid




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