Chance Agarwood & Jade Bracelet


The ancient people from the East have known of the healing properties of Jade for hundreds of years and believe it promotes wisdom, balance, and peace. It has spiritual attributes which encourages consciousness to increase at a higher level and prevents any negative energy to affect the individual wearing it. It is also believed to bring luck. With this talisman combining Agarwood and Jade, both protectiong you from negativity, you can feel free to take a chance, seek new experiences and explore the world around you.

Agarwood and Oud were part of the very early cultures around the globe used for attaining clarity of mind, enlightenment and inner peace. Buddhist monks used it for meditation, Tibetan monks believe it calms the mind & spirit; in China it is considered able to alter consciousness & in Ancient Egypt it was used by the Pharaohs for embalming. Agarwood has been a part of various alternative medicinal practices including Ayurveda, the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sufi medicines, Tibetan, Arabic and certain other East Asian medicinal systems for psychological conditions and for various skin problems.



Adventurer Agarwood & Jade Clasp Bracelet.

Dipped Agarwood beads 8m

Clips on safely with a decorative antique clasp found in a French antique market with a central jade stone.

Holds the deep scent of Oud and comes with a mini bottle of pure valuable Oud oil for rubbing into beads every couple of months

Comes in jute Jinko sack with warranty card.


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