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Dogs Love Lavender & Oud

                      Dogs Love Lavender

It is well documented that dogs respond well to lavender – it relaxes them in pretty much the same way that it relaxes us. Kenny, the dog pictured here with the mix of lavender and heather, is hyperactive – it is generally quite fun as he is playful and energetic but it also leads to problems. If he gets even slightly stressed he starts compulsively licking himself to the point that his skin goes red and sore. He also starts peeing in the house and barking a lot. I read up on how to help him without having to go down the chemical and medicinal route and found out that aromatherapy can be just as soothing for him as it is for me. Now he is not keen on reclining in a lavender oil bath, nor does he want greasy lavender oil massages so I came up with the lavender candle using Oud oil for its extra anxiety removal power and also to create something deep and sensual which would be better for a dog’s sensitive nose than too heavy on the floral notes.

The result is the Jinko Dog candle which really seems to be working for him – of course it might just be that it is making me so relaxed that he is absorbing that but the fact is the house smells divine and we have a nice little ritual of lighting it after evening walks and curling up together – glass of wine and a dental stick are optional extras!  So instead of just buying some boring candle you may as well get this one as it has the aromatherapy benefits for you and your dog as well as the amazing scent for your home plus we give 5% of our candle sales to stopping the dog meat trade!

Jinko Dog Relax Candle

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