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Dogs Love Lavender & Oud

                      Dogs Love Lavender

It is well documented that dogs respond well to lavender – it relaxes them in pretty much the same way that it relaxes us. Kenny, the dog pictured here with the mix of lavender and heather, is hyperactive – it is generally quite fun as he is playful and energetic but it also leads to problems. If he gets even slightly stressed he starts compulsively licking himself to the point that his skin goes red and sore. He also starts peeing in the house and barking a lot. I read up on how to help him without having to go down the chemical and medicinal route and found out that aromatherapy can be just as soothing for him as it is for me. Now he is not keen on reclining in a lavender oil bath, nor does he want greasy lavender oil massages so I came up with the lavender candle using Oud oil for its extra anxiety removal power and also to create something deep and sensual which would be better for a dog’s sensitive nose than too heavy on the floral notes.

The result is the Jinko Dog candle which really seems to be working for him – of course it might just be that it is making me so relaxed that he is absorbing that but the fact is the house smells divine and we have a nice little ritual of lighting it after evening walks and curling up together – glass of wine and a dental stick are optional extras!  So instead of just buying some boring candle you may as well get this one as it has the aromatherapy benefits for you and your dog as well as the amazing scent for your home plus we give 5% of our candle sales to stopping the dog meat trade!

Jinko Dog Relax Candle

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One Product=Simplicity

As they have a high content of virgin coconut oil, JinkoBaby oils can be used for more than we can fit on the label!

Here are a few of the ways we have used our oils:

To try and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and keep skin soft.

As a body scrub by mixing in some sugar (try not to eat it!). It is great on the hands and feet as a scrub and you will get all of the benefits of the aroma.

On cuticles as coconut oil is anti-fungal and known to make nails stronger whilst softening cuticles  Again you will get the benefits of the aroma as you rub it in.

And my personal favourite (although it depends on your skin) as a face cleanser- I love using oil to break down the make-up and massaging my face whilst getting the delicious smell.

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Jinko People are not pure hipsters, environmentalists, purists or any specific sort of religion. The basis of choosing a more natural and conscientious way of living is more about being an energist. That can fit into any religion or belief system.

An energist is someone who has recognised that everything around them is made of energy, that it is real and can be harnessed to change your way of living. They have recognised that energy can be gained and it can also be lost through the emotions that live by. The most abundant energy exists in nature and the world around us. Negative energy is caused by anxiety, stress, fear and hate for example and so we most constantly draw on nature to fight that negativity and to understand that life, whilst never fair, sometimes cruel and occasionally terrifying, will always hold within it a deep beauty.

There are many factors that can have an influence on human and animal behaviour – hormones, pheromones, food choices, toxins, genetics, upbringing, housekeeping practices, training methods, environmental influences and so on. These can be changed or at least balanced through  recognition and choices but it takes effort and focus and change is not easy. Change needs to be driven and the way that happens is through the biggest energy of all – love.

When you love someone or something, your behaviour changes.  It is a connection, something is being exchanged, something invisible happens that changes everything in a heart beat. Love is pure energy and it is not just restricted to humans, you can truly love a mountain, a cat, even a photograph if it stirs something within you.

The absence of love explains so many of the negative energies we see; the self destruction of bad choices, the attention seeking disorders that lead to self mutilation and insanity, the need for recognition of material items and admiration from others.  But that is simply because people are not understanding where to obtain or project that emotion. People need to make sense of emotions, to make emotions work for us instead of against us and to understand that the emotional balance will build energy and that is a great power that will change everything about life.

We have sought to help that energy flow with our products – things like Bonding with Baby can really assist with supporting the connection you have with your child at a young age making them feel love from the very beginning and preventing any of the negative energy entering at first stages. The Jinko Dog range is also about making your best friend feel safe and secure because the love between a person and their pet is a strong and positive emotion that we should not just take for granted. Additionally, the Jink bracelets are beautiful individual pieces that remind you of nature and all of the beauty we have to see and touch and share in our lives.  Love is limitless and endless and you can feel as much of it as you like – the same cannot be said for anxiety, hate or fear.



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Natural Healing

Essential oils, distilled from naturally grown herbs, flowers and trees, have a long history in the realms of health, beauty and spirituality worldwide. In today’s world we are recognising that the influx of chemicals and long unpronounceable  ingredients of many beauty, health and medicinal products are not good for us long-term.

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My Discovery of Agarwood

In 2010 I travelled to Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam to learn about a species of tree called Aquilaria. This tree was considered suitable for sustainable forestry plantations in lands had previously been deforested and potentially offered some good investment opportunities. It was during that time that I learnt that from the Aquilaria tree came the incredibly hypnotic oil known as Oud distilled from Agarwood which forms within the core of the tree. The first sniff of pure Oud blew my mind and I could only think that it smelt like raw nature. This was because it was unlike any alcohol based, chemically altered fragrance I had ever smelt before and I needed to get used to it. It started to grow on me quickly. Buddha called it the “Scent of Nirvana.

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