The Candle Society

The Candle Society is a monthly subscription package which means you get a luxury candle worth £35 for £19.95 including postage delivered to your home every month. 12 candles throughout the year handmade and all different reflecting the time of the year and any special occasions including a surprise gift at Christmas!

Subscription Options

12 months subscription for £19.95 a month to include postage and packaging plus a gift candle for Christmas. This saves you £235!

If you pay for the year upfront you get an extra gift candle worth £35 as a reward! So £240 saving you £270!

6 months subscription for £20.95 a month to include postage and packaging. If you pay for the 6 months upfront you get a candle gift worth £25 as a reward! So £119 instead of £245!

Candle Society is for those who have a nose for high quality fragrance as we use natural oils including Oud, Frankincense, Amber, Rose and Jasmine amongst many others. These are combined with organic soya wax and we avoid any use of synthetics or paraffins.  Our candles have aromatherapy benefits and a burn time of 40 hours +

You can also chose to use Candle Society to send a special candle as a gift as a Birthday or Christmas gift or as a thank you or to express sympathy. We even do candles for expectant mothers and pets!

We make these luxury candles at this price by not wasting money of expensive cardboard packaging which also fits into our environmental aims. Instead your candle will arrive in a cute mini hessian sack which you can use for keepsakes or gifts in future.

So if you are a lover of luxury candles sign up and get them delivered to your door at this low price.

Jasmine & Oud Spirit Uplifting Candle
Amber & Oud Dreamwood Sleep Candle
Oolong tea & Oud Nomad Yoga Candle

Natural Balance Clary Sage, Orange & Oud Candle