Jinkowood: Ancient Healing Powers

Within Agarwood lies truth and spirituality, a gift from the earth, a lesson on the abundance of nature, its generosity and depth. Agarwood is the most rare and precious wood in the world. It is found in the resin of the Aquilaria/Aloe tree. When the tree goes black inside because of a fungus, it turns into the priceless incense which is the part forming Agarwood. Likewise when we complete our lessons in life, our physical body decays but the spirit sublimes.

It is from Agarwood that the famous Oud oil can be extracted. This valuable oil has been widely used in the four ancient civilizations of India, Ancient Egypt, Babylon and China. Ancient Pharoahs were wrapped in Oud infused cloth in their tombs. Jesus used Oud oil in performing miracles and his resurrection involved the use of “aloes” oil as set out in the Bible (John 19:39). The Prophet Mohammed mentions it in the Koran 1400 years ago; “Treat with Indian Oud, for it has healing for seven diseases.” Legend has it that the Aquilaria species was the only tree descended to mankind from the Garden of Eden as Adam took a shoot from the garden and planted it where he settled. The seed that grew the tree from which we make our products first began in Eden at the beginning of humankind as we know it.

Agarwood is known to calm the nervous system, expel negative energies, bring alertness, relieve anxiety, invoke a sense of strength and peace and the aroma has been said to stimulate Qi, which is the ‘vital force’ or ‘life energy’ and is the fundamental principle in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts. Our intention is that each of our products will not only look and smell beautiful, they will also enhance your well-being and create positive energy.