About Jinko

Founder: Marisa Heath

Jinko founder, Marisa Heath, has travelled the world seeking the best Agarwood. She has spent many years exploring Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand and China visiting plantations and oil producers to test the different species of Aquilaria tree. Marisa has even grown the tree from seed to inoculation and experienced taking the oil from the resin of the wood.  It has been an incredible adventure that has often involved going far off the beaten path and into the wilderness where the tree thrives.

Agarwood is a complex product of which three main levels exist; wild Agarwood which requires CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) certification and is the highest price with bracelets commanding around $20-30,000 for the wood alone, plantation Agarwood which  is sustainably farmed and is priced in the hundreds rather than thousands and then younger Agarwood which has been dipped or infused and is the lowest price. Jinko works with all three of these levels for the jewellery line and that can be shown in the product pricing.  The Oud oil is from plantation stock in the incredibly beautiful Laos and Vietnam. We seek to be ethical and sustainable in our business and not to increase the trade in the endangered product.

The purpose of the jewellery pieces is that they be a guiding talisman for you. The purpose of the oils and candles is that they eliminate any negative energy, soothe and relax you.  The journey Jinko has taken with Agarwood has been magical and the dream is to share that with you and your loved ones.

We are a small company and whilst we want to be successful, we also want to create something good. Therefore, 5% of the profit from each sale will go to charities supporting animal welfare, the environment and human rights because our ethos is that you must always give back to create good energy. Additionally we seek to minimise packaging and so send all our products in cute recycled hessian sacks or wooden boxes.

Email Marisa on info@jinkowood.com if you have any questions.